About Us

We are the Forsters, a Sydney family of 5 who love to travel and are always up for an adventure.

For a few years now we’ve felt as if we have just been slugging it through the daily grind… both working the corporate life whilst trying to balance work, school, daycare, chores, kids activities, eat, sleep, repeat. So in 2019 we are prioritising what matters most… we bought ourselves a brand spanking new Franklin caravan and are heading off our biggest adventure yet, a 12 month “lap of Oz”!

Meet the kids… Taj (6) – our oldest who is enrolled in Distance Education for the year, Zali (4) – who ever so eager to get out and make new friends on the road and Billie (3) – our eternal baby, she’s just stoked to finally be sharing a room with her big brother and sister, even if its in the caravan.

We are extremely passionate about inspiring others to take the same leap that we have and take a gap year, re-think your family time, prioritise what matters most! And that’s why we are sharing our journey.

Follow us… We’d love you to follow along, we know it’s not going to be all roses, champagne sunsets and scenic drives… we’ll share the arguments, mishaps and tantrums too! We’ve set up a Facebook page for our adventures and we also have a fabulous Instagram account to share our journey and hopefully connect with other travelling families too!