Being together 24/7…The good, the bad and the ugly

Do you think you could live every hour and every minute of the day for a whole year with your wife and kids??? We are and have been on the road since the start of the year embarking on our around Australia adventure and let me tell you there are positives but there are also some negatives living 24/7 together.

One of the biggest motivations to take the leap of faith and travel was seeing our kids grow up way too fast and not being as present as we would like. like most working families, I would leave for work most days around 6am and not get home until at least 7pm that night. This would mean I would see my family for about 3 hrs max each day and do it all again the next day. 

Kel and I didn’t want to get to a few more years down the track and have spent our lives not being present for our kids. Additionally this goes with our marriage….. Without getting too deep here, it’s no wonder the divorce rate is so high when you only have a small amount of time together each day. When you consider what it takes to run a family and raise kids there is very little time to ensure meaningful conversations are being had with your wife/husband.

Fast forward to our once in a lifetime experience where we have spent every day and night with each other and there is the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with this new way of life. I thought I would highlight what each are and you can then make your mind up whether you’re down with embracing this nomadic lifestyle.

I’ll start with the ugly.
Living on the road isn’t all champagne and nibbles and like most marriages there is still going to be disagreements and arguments. It’s only natural!!! From my experience on this trip, tempers can flare alot quicker, arguments are more intense and patience can also disappear just as quick. I’ve lost track the amount of times we’ve said “I’ve had enough and I’m driving back home tomorrow”…….
I’ve thought about this a lot and hearing other families, I believe it comes down to the fact that we’re living in such small confines but also not having time away to vent or cool off. The added complexity is your neighbours are a lot closer in this environment so you don’t want to be those people who provide entertainment for the whole campsite with some good ole fashion barneys. We have now worked out when either of us are in this space and each of us will give them some time away or me-time while the other takes the kids. 

Now for the Bad.
As I mentioned above, one of the huge motivations for doing this trip was to spend quality time with our kids which I hadn’t been able to spend previously. There are so many positives to spending everyday with our kids however there is a downside and is something I’ve spoken to many families on the road who also feel the same. When we were back in the grind we would have the kids either in school or childcare so for the majority of the day they would be in the care of others. This life however we are the sole carers for our kids every day and every night and some days I feel Kel & I are doing nothing but disciplining our kids. I think this comes from the fact that I don’t want to be the passive parent who allows our kids to get away with blue murder but the parent that is consistent in providing boundaries. Unfortunately maintaining this approach does takes its toll and being the nasty cranky parent rather than fun loving, chilled, adventurous Dad.

Now for the good.
This makes up for the above 10fold and nothing in the world is ever going to take away this most valuable time I have spent with my wife and kids. Waking up each day and having breakfast with them is such valuable time in my life and really starts the day off so rewarding. Learning to adapt to the nomad life together has really taken us to an amazing level as a family and I know this will pay huge dividends for years and years to come. The conversations we’re now having aren’t functional, the experiences are mind blowing and the fact we’re living our best life together cannot have any price tag on it.

If you’re considering doing something similar or need some inspiration to do a lap then please just devote your efforts in making it happen. I’ve not met someone who has said they regret doing the lap with family!

If you have any questions or want to know more about our lap then drop us an email on or DM us on our social pages (Facebook and Instagram). We’d be more than happy to help out and answer any questions.

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