Being together 24/7…The good, the bad and the ugly

Do you think you could live every hour and every minute of the day for a whole year with your wife and kids??? We are and have been on the road since the start of the year embarking on our around Australia adventure and let me tell you there are positives but there are also some negatives living 24/7 together. […]

Conquering my new fear of heights

I (Daz) was going to write this pretty much like climbing the Gloucester tree was like a walk in the park 🚶‍♂️as up until now I’ve never really had an issue with heights. I’ve bungee jumped, I’ve skydived and even walked around the top of the outside of Centrepoint tower in Sydney. Unfortunately this so called “Walk in the park” didn’t […]

How much does it really cost to travel Oz?

Are you considering doing a lap around our most beautiful country and want to know how much money you need to do it? Well some people say to budget $1 per klm and others have said $1000 per week should be plenty. These are good initial guides to go off but one thing I’ve learnt on the road is everyones […]

Our favourite caravan park in Australia

The thing we most commonly get asked when discussing “our big lap” is “where has been your favourite spot?” It  really is too hard to pick a favourite all round spot given some places have an incredible natural environment, some have a great town vibe, some have epic beaches. We have however decided upon our all time FAVOURITE CARAVAN PARK!!! […]

Life away from corporate

It’s been a little while now since my family and I made one of our biggest decisions so far. Leaving a corporate life, a monthly pay check and a house with all the mods cons for living a life on the road. This new life……..travelling around our amazing country doing what’s described as “the big lap” in a 22ft caravan. […]

Billie camping 2

Why we had to quit camping

Why we had to quit camping for 8 months… And how we restored the faith. The concept of camping seemed like a fun family activity, we had a bub on the way so we lashed out and bought all the gear. Four years and 3 kids later, we embarked on our first family trip. Beauty, we were right… it was […]

4WD adventure through NSW state forest

There’s more to the Coffs Coast than the Big Banana folks… If you’re looking to get amongst some beginner to intermediate 4wding, check out the fun we had getting the VW Amarok’s tyres dirty in the Bagawa State Forest just half an hour inland from Coffs Harbour. This lush spot in the Mid North Coast of NSW has it all; […]

Top 5 must do activities in Port Douglas

🌴🌴🌴Where are your favourite places to go in Port Douglas? 🌴🌴🌴 Here are our 5 must do activities when travelling to this tropical North Queensland destination. 1. Mossman Gorge. 💦🌳This is a definite must do activity especially with Kids. The bush walks are quite easy for the whole family and the views are spectacular.Whether it’s watching the water flowing down the gorge […]