Just logged in to the pre-order status checker on the notion ink site and unfortunately the ship daet has now slid to the 15th, or later. Here’s the text:

Variant Adam with a Pixel Qi screen, wifi and 3G
Estimated Ship Date* 15th January 2011 – 22nd January 2011

There7s also a note that syas it was due to an error:

Prior to December 15th, there was an error in this page due to which the shipping date was being calculated incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience. The date shown here is the correct value, which reflects the date shown at the time you ordered.

*This is our best estimate of the shipping date. The actual date may vary; we will keep you informed in case that happens. If you want to modify or cancel the Pre-Order, please contactpreordersupport@notionink.com